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At Daisy Cottage Farm, we are always experimenting with ways to make baking easier and more enjoyable! Try our range of baking mixes, all in convenient bottles, perfect to keep in your cupboard! The “No Flour” Bottle of Bread and Traditional Brown Bread were recently listed with Aldi Ireland’s Grow with Aldi campaign and got great acclaim.



Our Current Range of Baking Mixes:


Irish Fruit Scone Mix Makes 6-8 beautiful scones – just add an egg, butter or margarine and milk (dairy or alternative) Daisy Cottage Farm Irish Fruit Scone Mix
A “No Flour” Bottle of Bread Just add yoghurt, treacle and oil to make this delicious wheat free bread! A Bottle of Bread
Irish White Sodsbread Mix Just add buttermilk to make this delicious loaf! Irish White Soda Bread Mix