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A gorgeous thank you card!

You know that you’ve arrived when you are known just by your first name! Lorraine Aspill, baker extraordinaire of Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow has joined the illustrious company of Oprah and Beyoncé!

Lorraine met the postman at the Daisy Cottage Farm gate yesterday morning who gave her this letter, saying it must be for her as there is only one Lorraine in Kiltegan after all. An Post will never surprise us!


What was inside? It was only a lovely handmade thank you card from Holly in Ballymore Eustace, Co. Wicklow! Will you just look at her writing and drawing skills? ❤️❤️❤️

Holly’s Granny and Lorraine are proud members of the Early Risers club who listen to Shay Byrne on Rising Time on RTÉ Radio 1 from 5.30 am each morning. Holly and her Granny made the Daisy Cottage Farm brown bread which she got in Aldi (well before the lockdown! 🙈). The lovely loaf of brown bread was waiting to be enjoyed with some butter and jam over a cup of tea with her Granny – so sweet! ❤️

But the loaf disappeared to Holly’s disappointment and she still doesn’t know what happened to it! Lorraine heard the news and sent Holly one of her complete baking hampers with all Holly needed to get baking again! We’re loving the good vibes – all through Shay Byrne and Rising Time.

Just to let Holly know that Rudy the baby turkey is now living with Mrs. Muscovy and her 15 ducklings. (Rudy thinks he is a duckling – so cute xxx)

Just to let Holly know – Rudy the baby turkey is now living with Mrs. Muscovy and her 15 ducklings! He thinks he is a duckling – so cute!

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