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Daisy Cottage Farm Pancake Recipes

Are you curious to try some of Lorraine Aspill’s pancake recipes after her appearance on the Ray D’Arcy Show on RTE Radio One yesterday?

Here are 4 of her recipes for Gluten-free, Vegan, Traditional and American Pancakes

The gluten free pancake.

300gms of gluten free flour ( I use  GF self raising)

1 ½ tsp gluten free baking powder

3 eggs,

1tbs caster sugar   (optional)

1.5 pints milk.

25gms melted, cooled butter.


Sieve flour into bowl and add all dry ingredients, stir to combine.

Make a well in the centre,

Add eggs and half the milk and start draw  the flour into the mix using a whisk, continue to mix adding the remainder of the milk, whisking all the time, finally adding the cooled melted butter.

Allow to stand for at least 30 minutes,  

Now when using gluten free flour , it tends to thicken a lot when liquid is added, if you want a light thin pancake, you may need to add more milk after you have let the mixture stand.

Heat pan rub with a little oil and pour your pancake on, cook till the bubbles appear and flip, cook for one minute, start you stack, add you favourite toppings and enjoy.


The vegan pancake.


300gms of self raising flour

1tbs caster sugar    (optional)

2 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

300a mls approx. of water,   (now you can split this with and use half water and half of a non dairy milk,, I use coconut milk.) The mixture will remain a little lumpy.

I usually add a  little  oil(a teaspoon)  to the batter before starting to cook.

A little oil for cooking.

Place all the dry ingredients into a bowl and start adding the liquid whisking all the time, until a smooth batter is achieved.

Leave to stand for approx. 30mins before cooking.

Heat pan and pour on a the batter, cook until the bubbles appear and flip, cook for a minute and start your stack.


The traditional pancake.

My grandmother always made the pancake batter the night before Shrove Tuesday, and it was a yearly ritual, she had a  bowl that was only used for this and also a special cup that was used to measure the pancake and pour it onto the pan. The batter was mixed and covered with a muslin cloth and placed in the metal box in the kitchen dresser.

The excitement the next morning waiting on the pancakes, the first one was for the fairies, after that it was game on.  The pancake bowel was placed on a trivet beside the cooker and a pot of simmering was place on the back burner, with a plate on top of it, as the pancakes were cooked and rolled they were placed on the plate and another plate covering them,  the early microwave.


400gms of  self raising flour

Pinch of salt

4 eggs

1.5 pints of milk

50gms of caster sugar   (optional)  I use this only if making all sweet pancakes.

50gms melted cooled butter.


Sieve the flour and salt into the mixing bowl and make a well in the centre, add the eggs and some milk and start to draw in the flour using a whisk,  continue to add  the milk gradually until a nice smooth batter is achieved.

Leave to stand for approx. an hour or overnight if possible.

Heat your pan, I like to just wipe the inside of the pan with a piece of kitchen roll that has been dipped in oil or melted butter, pour on your measure of batter and cook until the bubbles appear, flip  (the best part) and cook on the other side,  stack and keep in  the oven on a low heat.


The toppings are endless;

The oldies  like lemon juice and sugar,

                              Raspberry jam

                              Golden syrup  or Honey

                              Chocolate spread  

                              Chocolate spread with sliced banana or sliced strawberry

                               Peanut butter with sliced banana

                              Caramelised  banana

                               Caramelised oranges

                                Strawberries marinated in brandy overnight, 

                                Strawberries drizzled with elderflower cordial

                                Fresh fruit and cream

                                Blueberries and lemon

                                Bacon and maple syrup

                                Poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

                                 Smoked salmon and a squeeze of lemon,

The list of topping is endless, what ever you fancy, there are no rules.


American pancakes.


This batter is usually a thicker batter and cooked smaller in size, although thicker than our traditional pancake, and usually served stacked four or five high with the topping on top, dripping down.


The recipe;

400gms of self raising flour

1.5 tsp of baking powder

1tbs of caster sugar  (optional)   again I only use this if I am cooking all sweet pancakes.

3 eggs

25gms of  melted butter 

200mls of butter milk..

A little oil for frying.


Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, sieving the flour in.

 Make a well in the centre and add the eggs cooled melted butter and some of the milk.

Whisk to make a thickish batter gradually add the remaining milk, to produce a smooth thick batter.

Pour small rounds of batter onto the pan, approx. 8cm wide.

Cook on one side until the bubbles start to appear, flip and cook on the other side for approx. a minute.

Serve stacked with your favourite topping.


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The World of Pancakes

The world of pancakes.

“Flat as a pancake” is a catchphrase, that according to the Oxford English Dictionary has been in use since 1611. A term used to describe a lady with little or no cleavage.

The humble pancake is centuries old, indeed there is evidence to suggest that the pancake or a distant relative of it, existed as far back as the Neolithic period, remains of which were discovered in the digestive tract of Otzi, the Neolithic man found in the Italian Alps in 1991.

The ancient Romans and Greeks enjoyed pancakes, sweetened with Honey.

The Elizabethans ate their pancakes flavoured with spices and sugars from the ‘New World’, they also flavoured them with Rosewater, Sherry and Apples.

The early American Colonists made their pancakes or “hoecakes”, “johnnycakes” or “flapjacks” from Indian cornmeal (yellow in colour).

Moving along to ‘ Shrove Tuesday’ a day to repent, confess and to use all the ‘good’ foods up before the 40 days of lean meals, and fasting began on Ash Wednesday.

This is where we get the tradition of pancakes.

Pancakes were eaten to use all the milk, butter, eggs and of course flour , any ‘goodfood’ before the festival of LENT began.

Several superstitions customs accompany the making and eating of pancakes and some are still with us today.

#The first 3 pancakes made were considered sacred and marked with the sign of the cross and sprinkled with salt to ward of evil, and this the origins of the hot cross bun? Another story perhaps.

#In Ireland, the girls were given the afternoon of shrove Tuesday off, to prepare their pancake batter, the eldest unmarried would toss the first pancake, if successful, she would be married within the year.

#Holly kept from the previous Christmas was burned to heat the pan for the first pancake, again believed to bring good luck/health.

#In Wales, the tradition around Shrove Tuesday, had people going door to door , begging for flour and butter , children would also kick cans up and down the streets, to commemorate the putting away pots and pans for the Lenten fast.

#In France the name Mardi Gras is used for Shrove Tuesday , although in recent years it has become known by its English translation ‘Fat Tuesday’.

Some pancake facts;

#The influence of French Cooking in the 18th century brought about the pancake or ‘crepe’ as we know it now, before this the pancake was a small thick pan cooked cake.

#The first recipe for pancakes appeared in an English cookbook in the 15th century.

#The biggest pancake ever made, was 15mts wide 2.5cm deep and contained 2 million calories.

#The most pancakes tossed in 2 minutes was 349 and achieved by Dean Gould in Suffolk in 1995.

An average of 2 pancakes per person are eaten on Shrove Tuesday by the Irish Nation.

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Daisy Cottage Farm – A Review of 2020

Daisy Cottage Farm Mince Pies

What a year it has been for Daisy Cottage Farm, and it’s not just for the obvious reason that everyone will remember 2020 😉

The biggest thing about 2020 came in September – our Traditional Irish Brown Bread won a 2 Gold Star Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food in the UK! It got a great report from the judges saying that the finished loaf has “a soft, golden crust that rose well and cut evenly to reveal a moist, buttery crumb which was close set and toasted beautifully but was equally as good fresh, topped with butter and jam as well as enjoyed on its own with cheese.”

The great thing about our mixes is that they are a canvas for your own baking creations! If you want to have coconut scones you can – the mixes are that versatile! You get 30 years of Lorraine’s baking experience in a bottle!

Our mixes were listed in Lidl Ireland and Lidl Northern Ireland as part of their Kickstarter campaign in August 2020 which was great to get a profile around the whole island and to generate awareness, and most importantly orders after stock left the Lidl stores. Our range of baking hampers built on the success of our baking mixes– The “In Good Company” Hamper which unites 2 of our award-winning baking mixes – the Great Taste Award winning Irish Brown Bread Mix and the Blas na hÉireann award-winning Irish Fruit Scone mix along with a wooden spoon – a perfect Christmas stocking filler or a gift for a teacher at the end of term!

The Baking Starter Kit is a perfect gift too – 3 of our baking mixes, a scone-cutter, a wooden spoon and a tea towel – another great gift idea – especially at Christmas time. Now, who wouldn’t like to wake up on St. Stephen’s Day morning to the smell of freshly baked soda bread? Our Daisy Deluxe Baking Hamper is our “piece de resistance” with all you need to start baking delicious bread – 3 bottles of our baking mixes, a mixing bowl, a loaf tin, a scone cutter, wooden spoon, a tea towel and most importantly a timer! One of our customers bought 6 of these for her family to host a Christmas morning bake-along – we’re honoured to be a part of their Christmas celebration and the creation of great memories.

Thanks to the changes during 2020, we’ve all come to know our home areas a whole lot better! With the cancellation of so many food festivals and agricultural shows around the country, we kept it local and set up on the Green in Kiltegan every Friday morning before moving to Saturday mornings – we called it #GreenFriday and #GreenSaturday. We were overjoyed at how the local community came out to support us in a safe way given the restrictions we were all order. It gave the community a chance to meet neighbours and exchange news during the strange times we were living in.

One question was on everyone’s lips each week – who would be the Queen of Scones? It was the perfect way to take people’s minds off of the world news each week! It was simple – we posted 2 flavours of scone each week on Facebook and asked for votes on which would be the guest scone flavour that week on the Green in Kiltegan! It pitted old favourites from the Daisy Cottage Café in Tinahely like Strawberry and White Chocolate up against newer flavours like Rhubarb and Ginger. The lucky winner each week got a box of 6 of the winning flavour to take home – lucky them!

Halloween 2020 was a big highlight and got a mention in the Wicklow People! With trick or treating being cancelled, we asked the kids of the area to come to #GreenFriday dressed up and everyone would receive a treat from our resident witch! We loved the effort which everyone put into their costumes…and got a few frights too!

Thinking about great kids – you know that you’ve arrived when you are known just by your first name! Lorraine joined the illustrious company of Oprah and Beyoncé this year by being known just by her first name! Back in June, she met the postman at the Daisy Cottage Farm one morning who gave her this letter, saying it must be for her as there is only one Lorraine in Kiltegan after all. An Post will never surprise us! Inside was a lovely handmade thank you card from Holly in Ballymore Eustace, Co. Wicklow!

Holly’s Granny and Lorraine are proud members of the Early Risers club who listen to Shay Byrne on Rising Time on RTÉ Radio 1 from 5.30 am each morning. Holly and her Granny made the Daisy Cottage Farm brown bread which she got in Aldi in 2019. The lovely loaf of brown bread was waiting to be enjoyed with some butter and jam over a cup of tea with her Granny – so sweet! But…

The loaf disappeared to Holly’s disappointment and she still doesn’t know what happened to it! Lorraine heard the news and sent Holly one of her complete baking hampers with all Holly needed to get baking again! We’re still loving the good vibes – all through Shay Byrne and Risin’ Time.

It’s great to end with a bit of positivity as we look forward to 2021 – happy baking!




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#GreenSaturday – Kiltegan – 18 July 2020

It’s almost time for another #GreenSaturday on the Green in Kiltegan!

Lorraine and Daisy Cottage Farm “Siopa Feirme” will be on the Green from 10am till 2pm (ish) with our range of delicious products:


Make sure to get your orders in advance to avoid disappointment as products can sell out quickly!

Our range:

Cakes, Tarts & Bracks

🌞 Tea Bracks – large & small
🌞 Carrot cakes – small
🌞 Apple tarts
🌞 Rhubarb tarts

🌞Lemon Cake

🌞 Coffee Cake




Chocolate – by the slice!


Traybakes – by the slice








🧁Mixed Berry


Our cupcakes of the week

🧁 Toffee

🧁 Vanilla Surprise



🍞 Plain Brown loaf – large & small
🍞 Seeded Brown loaf – large & small
🍞 Wheat-free loaf – small
🍞 White soda loaf – large
🍞 Fruit soda loaf – large
🍞 Cheese & Scallion loaf – large
🍞 Beer bread with red onion & cheese

🌞🌞Rasher, Tomato & Cheese – Our #GreenSaturday loaf of the week!



  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Smoked Salmon Quiche
  • Red Onion and Goat’s Cheese tartlets
  • Vegetarian Quiche – Asparagus & Mozzarella
  • Cherry and Tomato Chutney Sausage Rolls – using Barry Johns Butcher’s Sausage Meat!


Our Scones:

🏆 The Battle of the Scones Winner–Strawberry & White Chocolate or Raspberry & Lemon🏆


Jams etc:
We’ll also have a selection of homemade jams, curds and marmalades along with
our award-winning Elderflower Cordial!


Our homemade Daisy Cottage Farm masks in a variety of colours and designs!

Specials this week:

  • Rocket Pesto
    New Season Raspberry Jam
  • Strawberry & Elderflower Jam
  • Orange & Elderflower Marmalade
  • Blueberry and Lemon Jam
  • Blackcurrant Cordial (Delicious in Gin – we’ve tested it)



We will have a selection of our homemade fudge too!


A selection of vegan and gluten-free items will be available too, but these usually sell out fast, so it’s best to pre-order to avoid disappointment!


Gluten-Free Apple Tart

Gluten-Free Viennese Whirls
Gluten-Free Jambons
Gluten-Free Bread
Mixed Berry Scones
Gluten Free Quiche


Delivery – if you are no able to get along on the day, give Lorraine a call 😊