A Bottle of Bread

A Bottle of Bread – the best baking mix in Ireland?

The "No Flour" Bottle of Bread - Just add yoghurt, a teaspoon of oil and a teaspoon of treacle to make this delicious no flour loaf! The best Baking mix in Ireland.

Call us biased, but we say yes! You just can’t beat that magic smell of home baking in your home and the enjoyment of the bread afterwards with a chat and a cup of tea – totally delish.

The Bottle of Bread is a versatile staple for any store cupboard. It makes a perfect loaf on its own with the addition of yoghurt, treacle and oil. For those who are on a dairy-free diet, it works very well with alternative milks like coconut. We have done the weighing and measuring for you – the only barrier now is your imagination!

Truly, the best baking mix in Ireland.

Available online in boxes of 6



Oat Flakes, Pumpkin Seeds, Salt and Bread Soda


Approximately 350g