Irish Fruit Scone Mix

Irish Fruit Scone Mix

The Daisy Cottage Farm Irish Fruit Scone Mix makes 6-8 beautiful scones

Scones are a staple of the perfect afternoon tea – give yourself the Downton Abbey experience at home anytime and keep a few bottles of the Daisy Cottage Irish Fruit Scone mix in your cupboard!

Based on Lorraine Aspill’s own tried and tested recipe, all you need to make 6-8 beautiful scones is an egg, butter/margarine and milk (dairy or alternative). Then add friends or family and a cup of tea, or you can keep them all for yourself for an extra special treat… we’ll say nothing!

Making scones is also a lovely introduction to baking for children – create some great memories and enjoy the results afterwards!

Just like the Bottle of Bread, we have done the weighing and measuring for you – the only barrier now is your imagination!

Available online in boxes of 6



White Wheatflour, Caster Sugar, Sultanas


Approximately 500g