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What is #GreenSaturday?

The Daisy Cottage Farm Shop

Come to the Village Green in Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow each Saturday, and you will find a hive of activity – it’s #GreenSaturday, something which has become quite the fixture in the South Wicklow, North Carlow area since April!

For #GreenSaturday, Lorraine takes the Daisy Cottage Farm Shop to the Village Green. It started during the COVID19 lockdown and was a great way for local people to keep in touch in a socially distanced way while having a treat to look forward to each week – you can’t say better than that!

We believe in food yards and not food miles at Daisy Cottage Farm. We try to grow as many of the ingredients for our products right on the farm in our own polytunnel and we believe you can taste the difference in our breads, cakes, savouries and in our extensive gluten-free range. Lorraine’s gluten-free scones are particularly popular with orders flying in all week!

Talking of scones, one thing which makes Green Saturday special is the weekly Battle of the Scones which takes place on the Daisy Cottage Farm Facebook page. We ask our followers to choose one of 2 flavours and the one with the most votes is the guest flavour that week! We ask our followers to choose a person they would like to share the box of 6 scones with if they win, because what is better than sharing a chat with a friend or someone special over a cup of tea and a few scones? One person who guesses the winning flavour is crowned the “Queen of Scones” or the “King of Scones” and wins a box of 6 of the winning flavour and can access a custom Facebook profile frame.


The menu is normally posted on the Daisy Cottage Farm social media platforms a few days in advance along with teasers of new products like special flavours of fudge, something which has become a great favourite. Looking forward to seeing you for the next #GreenSaturday and don’t forget to bring a friend!


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